About Us



About us:

  • Our team have over 15 years combined experience.
  • We are one of the leading suppliers in the Forestry derived products industry supplying Peat-free compost, Premium play grade woodchip and ornamental grade woodchip.
  • We also play a key role within the renewable energy sector supplying large power stations material to produce electricity to the grid, powering 1000s of homes within local area.


How we do it:

  • We have our state-of-the-art processing site where we bring in all the raw feedstocks from a number of Forestry/Council jobs.
  • We screen and blend our products ensuring we supply the highest graded material.
  • We have our very own weighbridge ensuring all materials are calculated correctly.
  • The collective knowledge of the team and their ability to form strong relationships with key suppliers and clients, is at the heart of the competitive advantages for sustainable Woodchip Ltd along with its easy access online presence.
  • Nationwide deliveries.
  • Efficient and quick turnaround service at all times.


    ''The mission of Sustainable Woodchip is to provide sustainably sourced forestry residues for the renewable energy and peat free horticultural sectors.''