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Sustainable Peat-Free Compost
What is peat-free compost?
You've probably heard about peat-free compost already, or perhaps you've spotted it on the shelves at garden centres. You may even use it in your own backyard. But do you know exactly what it is, and why it's such a hot topic? If you're unsure, then we're here to explain.
Most gardeners know the importance of good compost for fertilizing plants and improving the soil. In fact, a lot of people choose to do their own composting in their garden – it's cheaper than buying ready-filled bags and is a great way to recycle food scraps. But, not everyone has the time and space to make all the compost they need themselves.
Until quite recently, peat compost was a go-to choice for many gardeners who were short on time and needed to give their flowerbeds a boost. It's moisture retentive and, as it's made from partially rotted down plants, is high in nutrients. But nowadays, more and more people are aware of the damage that harvesting peat causes to the environment and are opting to go peat-free instead. And once you know all the facts about peat, it's likely you will, too.
 Sustainable Woodchip Ltd  take pride in quality of our product, we ensure all our compost is well screened meaning contaminants are free from the product giving our customer’s peace of mind when buying our peat free compost.
 At Sustainable Woodchip Ltd we offer highest quality of Peat free compost in 1000ltr bags and can supply nationwide with our trusted courier service.
Sustainable Woodchip Ltd
Arb Chip (arboriculture arisings)
Typically know as tree surgeon’s woodchip, we offer nationwide collection service on bulk loads, we then in turn, provide this material into Power stations, ensuring nothing is wasted and pure renewable energy is provided.
Whole Tree Woodchip
The product of chipping whole trees or treetops, essentially the crown of the tree is chipped, we source this nationwide on walking floor hauliers. Material will then be transferred to both Power stations and drying facilities.
Log Chip
High-end material produced by chipping cordwood or logs. This product is typically sent to drying sites who want to use this higher end material on there own boilers. We collect nationwide and also deliver nationwide on this particular material.
We accept offcuts, noggins and rings.
Sustainable Wood shavings Equine Bedding
Equine bedding is one of the most important things to consider when caring for horses as it not only provides comfort and warmth for your animals, but it also has a great impact on the hygiene levels of your stables and therefore the health and well-being of your horses. Here at Sustainable Woodchip Ltd, we offer premium horse bedding nationwide, is known to be one of the best horse shavings in the market, which guarantees to deliver excellent results consistently, providing an optimum level of comfort and hygiene for your horses! At Sustainable Woodchip Ltd, when your animals are happy, we’re happy!
Top Choice for Horse Bedding nationwide:
Choosing animal bedding for your horses can be a difficult decision, you need to take into consideration absorbency, longevity, hygiene and the overall level of comfort that the bedding provides. At Sustainable Woodchip Ltd, we understand this which is why we pride ourselves on supplying a premium equine bedding solution which ticks all of these boxes! Below are the key benefits of choosing our premium shavings which have quickly become a popular choice for horse bedding all over the UK:
Our unique equine bedding is made from 100% soft wood shavings which not only provide an ultimate level of comfort for your horses, but also ensures a high absorbency level, keeping your stables dryer for longer. This in turn means that our equine bedding is also long-lasting in comparison to other value shavings.
Also features a unique temperature adjusting quality which means that the shavings will stay warm in the winter and cool in the summer.
We also use a unique dust extraction system which keeps our premium shavings free from chemicals and free from dust to prevent illness and respiratory problems, both for your horses and for yourself.
Our bedding also has weatherproof packaging which provides easy storage and keeps shavings clean and dry.
Products available for ordering as per:
Full artic truck load (810 bales in 20kg size)
Half truck load (360 bales in 20kg size)